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Renovation And Remodeling Contractors

* See Video below...

Whole Home & Business Renovations

 To "Renovate" ~ To restore something to a new or better state. With countless whole home renovation projects under our collective belt for Real Estate Investors alone... 


 From typical middle America homes to the south's finest estates. We can transform ANY home or business into a more livable, functional, rent-able or sale-able property. 


 We can also transform your home or business to fit any needs or dreams you may have or to accommodate a growing family or aging parents. (Or both) 


 So, whether you're looking for a total home makeover in Lilburn, Decatur, Atlanta, John's Creek, Marietta or anywhere else in the metro area. Or business remodeling in the Metro Atlanta area.


 Whatever you're renovation project may be, you need a Metro Atlanta renovation and remodeling contractor you can trust!


 In fact, we're backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience, an A+ BBB rating and our HOUZZ service awards!

What Is A Renovation Contractor?

 A renovation contractor (also called a general contractor or GC) manages and oversees all aspects of a construction project to ensure quality, timely completion and customer satisfaction.


 They have established relationships with their sub-contractors (electricians, plumbers, tile installers etc...) that go back years (and some cases decades!) so they KNOW the quality of their work!

 We've had calls from many homeowners over the years who needed a renovation project done in their home. They tried to act as there own renovation contractor by hiring all the tradesmen needed to complete the job themselves.

 They thought they'd "save a buck" by doing this but not knowing these tradesmen or the quality of their work, they'd end up calling us to fix the mess!


 And sometimes, it was a REAL mess! AND they had to pay TWICE to get their project completed!

 Over the decades, we've surrounded ourselves with a team of professionals who are dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations. Please, don't go it alone! Hire a professional Licensed & Insured renovation contractor!

What Do We Do?

 Whether it's a Kitchen Remodeling in Alpharetta or Basement Remodeling in Brookhaven or Business Renovations in Atlanta or a total home makeover in Sandy Springs.  (And don't forget us for your Home Additions, Decks, Screen Porches and Patios! And much more!)


 No one in Metro Atlanta knows more about home remodeling and whole home renovations than we do! Big statement? You bet! Call us, we'll back it up!


 After all, we are ~ Metro Renovations & More! Your ~ renovation experts! You've also found qualified 203K contractors here too!

 Are you a Real Estate investor looking to flip or rent out a property? We understand your needs and we are well versed in the term "value engineering."


 No, that does not mean cutting corners! That means making money saving suggestions on materials and finishes. Simple as that!


 We also understand the challenge you face in finding a quality home renovation contractor who is qualified & reliable yet reasonably priced. Nope. Not "cheap!" No "Unlicensed Al" here... Reasonably priced!

"Renovation Contractors" Are a Dime a Dozen!

 In fact, there's over 5000 GC's just here in Georgia! That's what we mean by "a dime a dozen!"


 We've heard countless horror stories over the years about how "Chuck in a Truck" made a mess in a homeowner or Investors property and the only choice they had was to hire a reputable home renovation company to fix the mess.


 Like we mentioned above, these folks payed TWICE! Obviously, that's not what you're looking to do! Be careful of "slick talkers" and "low-ballers!"


 For some excellent tips on choosing a great contractor visit... "The Educated Consumer page."    Or, contact us today to discuss your project!

 We also understand that as an investor, you may deal with prestigious properties requiring top quality, custom craftsmanship and your "typical" home renovation contractors simply aren't up to the task.

 Whatever your home or business renovation needs may be, hire a  renovation company with the reputation for quality and getting it done right the first time!

 So, are you a home or business owner either looking to transform your home or business into something more reflective of your needs, dreams or personality?


 Or maybe your family or business is growing and you simply need more space, take a moment to watch our short Renovation Video below.


 This Video is "geared" toward R/E investor renovations and typical middle America homes but you'll get a good idea of our capabilities.


 Feel free to see any of our other remodeling videos on pages covering specific services or, all of them are featured on the Media Page.

When Do You Not Need A Renovation Contractor

 You do not need to hire a licensed renovation contractor if you have minor plumbing issues for example. Call a Plumber! (Just make sure he's a licensed Plumber!)


 Major leaks that have caused drywall &/or flooring damage, yes. You should call a GC. Other examples include...

 Minor electrical problems. (Again, you need a licensed electrician) Minor roof leaks? In fact, Roofers are not required to carry a GC License.


 So unless their's extensive storm or fire damage, if you need a new Roof, call a Roofer. Handyman repairs unless they're over $2500.00 or so, can be handled by a Handy man. Any jobs larger than that... Call us!

 Driveway/Sidewalk replacement Companies are usually not licensed GC's either. Neither are Landscapers and most Carpenters.


 Most smaller projects or projects that don't require more than one "dicipline" usually don't require a licensed GC.

 Larger projects or those that are "multi-disciplinary" certainly require the services of a qualified, Licensed and Insured general or renovation contractor. When you do need one...

Hire A Qualified Metro Atlanta Contractor!

 No matter what your project is. From basic to stunning custom design, interior or exterior, whole home or partial...


 Why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our A+ BBB Rating and our Houzz service awards to work for you on your next renovation project?


 We are not "typical" renovation contractors! Ask us why!


 Call us today and let's have an intelligent conversation about your project and arrange for a fast, free estimate. We, of course offer Design and Architectural services as well.

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!


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