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Home Addition Builders

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large home addition
large, two story home addition

  Whether you call them a home addition, house addition, room addition, master bath addition, kitchen addition or a garage or attic conversion, they all equal adding more livable or usable space to your home.


 And for a wide variety of reasons, many people today are deciding to do just that instead of buying a new home. Making Metro Atlanta home addition builders quite popular these days!


 Many have growing families or aging parents or need space for a home office or room(s) to explore crafts or hobbies or have just out grown their home. Just as many simply love their home and would rather add space to it than move.

 For others, adding on to their homes in the form of a home addition, garage or attic conversion or even a second story addition just makes sense.


 If any of these reasons fit your circumstances, you need local home addition builders that you can not only trust, but one qualified for the job at hand.


 You bet, building home additions is not a job for "Chuck in a Truck!" (More on this below)

 Below we're going to briefly talk about the different kinds of home additions. Then we'll briefly go over two money saving options that may be possible for many homeowners. But first...

 We are Metro Renovations & More! and backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our HOUZZ service awards and an A+ BBB rating ~


 We've been helping our neighbors in Lilburn, John's Creek, Atlanta and the entire metro area and beyond add needed space to their homes and businesses since 2001!

Types of Home Additions

 What's the best home additions? The one that adds value, not just to our homes, but to our lives! Whatever you're needing or dreaming of, we want to be your home addition contractors!


 We have many completed home addition projects under our belt for your Metro Atlanta neighbors including...

 Rear of Home Additions 


 Second Story Additions


 Master Bedroom Additions (And other room additions)


 Master Bathroom Additions (And other bathroom additions)


 Great Room Additions


 Kitchen Additions or Expansions


 Family Room Additions


 Living Room Additions


 Bedroom Additions


 Sunroom Additions


 Attic Conversions


 Garage Conversions


 Porch & Screened Porch Additions


 Of course we could go into great detail about each of the above home addition ideas but chances are you're here looking for a qualified home addition builder, not to read a book!


 And, chances are you already have an idea about what kind of house addition you're looking for but, here's a few things to consider when planning an addition to your home...

Important Things To Think About When Planning A Home Addition

 * Be sure to check your local zoning and planning regulations to make sure you have enough space on your property for a house addition. Every county/city has setback requirements, floor area ratios and height limitations.


 If your home addition plans don't fit within these requirements, you can either try to get a variance or come up with a different option to add the needed space. (Like doing a garage or attic conversion (discussed below) or building up instead of out!)

 It's vital to get planning permission early in the process because finding out after construction has started that your home addition doesn't meet zoning requirements ~ like being too close to your property line, could be a costly waste of both your time and your money!

 * Many neighborhoods have home owner associations (HOA'S) who's job is to improve the livability and protect the value of the homes in the neighborhood.


 Often, these HOA'S have requirements for house additions and other alterations. If your community has an HOA, be sure to check with them before moving forward with your plans.


 If your HOA requires architectural drawings, contact us. We can help AND save you money!

 *Move out or stay during construction? Larger home addition projects can be quite disruptive to a families normal routine. The noise and dust alone can make for a challenging time for many families.


 It has really surprised us over the years the number of folks who decided to stay in their homes for the time required to complete construction which could be several weeks or more.


 To summarize what we've heard from many, "we just kept our eyes on the prize and dealt with it!" However, if you can afford it or have friends or family nearby, relocating for a short time is preferable to many as well. 


 And yes, we've been "accused" several times over the years of actually trying to talk a homeowner out of doing a particular project. Nothing could be further from the truth!


 We've not only been around for decades but have thrived by shooting straight with our callers and clients by number one, never "underselling" the cost of a project just to get the job only to hit the homeowner up for more money to complete it.

 And number two, not being up front and honest about what a client and his/her family will have to deal with until a particular project is complete.


 Hopefully those two points are in our favor when considering home addition contractors! (Or a contractor for any other project around your home or business!)

How much do Metro Atlanta Home Additions Cost?

 Again, to shoot straight with you. The above question is really no different than asking "how much is a car?"


 There are so many options and/or varieties available that the only way to get an answer to that question is to have a pretty good idea of what your looking for then contact a reputable Atlanta home addition contractor.

 Set an appointment for him/her to come out and discuss your project with you. Be as detailed as to what you're looking for as you can. (Reason for the addition. size, finishes etc...)


 Then, give him a few days to put an estimate together for you. But we will narrow the focus just a bit for you...

 We remember the days, actually not that long ago, when the general rule for your "typical" room or home addition was $80.00 to $100.00  per sq./ft. Folks, we're here to tell you, those days are long gone!


 Just like the price of Eggs and everything else, construction costs (Labor, Materials, Contractors Insurance etc...) have well, gone up!

 In today's Metro Atlanta, if you're thinking about an house addition, you're looking at a minimum of $150.00 per sq./ft. and up from there depending on finishes. $200.00 and up per sq./ft. for a second story addition.


 And no, we're not talking about a screened porch addition here. Those are much less complex thus, costing much less.

 Please, don't carve the above numbers in stone! The bottom line price for your addition will depend on many factors. It could be a little less or a lot more depending on these factors. Want to know that bottom line price? Contact us!

 Yes, of course, are well aware that many people today need extra space but are "budget conscious" or simply can't afford a home or room addition.


 Below are a couple of options that have grown in popularity over the last few years. If your home supports one of these, it may be a money saving option for you as well...

Garage Conversions, Renovation or Remodel

 Garage conversions are becoming increasingly popular now-a-days for a variety of reasons. Number one being it's usually a more cost effective way of adding living space to one's home.

 Here is an excellent article on "The Spruce" titled ~ "Assessing Your Garage for Conversion to Living Space" ~ which will show you seven things to consider when accessing the suitability of your garage.


 If you think this is a viable option for you to look into, contact us for a fast, free estimate.

Attic Conversions, Renovation or Remodel

 If your home lacks that extra space you need or you'd just love an extra bedroom, playroom, home office or even master suite. The answer may just be right above your head!


 As with garage conversions, attic conversions are a more cost effective way of adding extra, usable space than room additions. And, can be much less disruptive to the family!

Hire Qualified Home Addition Contractors!

 Home room additions or room extensions (or commercial additions) can be complicated projects for countless reasons. Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Foundation etc... It's basically the same as building a house on a smaller scale.


 "Un-licensed Al" or "Un-Insured Ed" are NOT the guys you want adding on to your home or business! So choose your home addition contractors carefully.


 If you're considering a home addition of any size, remember, if there's no room to build out, you can often build ~ up!


 Again, just make sure you hire a qualified, Licensed and Insured home  addition contractor (a General Contractor) who's up to the task with the references to prove it. This obviously includes garage or attic conversions as well.

Your Home Addition Contractor

 Based in Lilburn Ga., Metro Renovations & More! Professionally serves home and business owners all over the metro area and beyond and we want to be your home addition contractor! So...

 If you've narrowed your focus on what your home addition needs may be, whether it's a smaller bump-out or a complete second story addition or something in between...


 Why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our A+ BBB Rating and our HOUZZ service awards to work for you? And by the way...

 Many home addition contractors leave finding a great Architect to put your dreams on paper up to you, the homeowner. Not us!


 We work with excellent, fair priced Architects and Designers and if you need, we can even help you with financing your project. So...

 Call us at the number below or send us an e-mail and let's have an intelligent conversation about your needs and arrange for a fast, free estimate

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!


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