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Fire Damage Repair Contractors

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Right off the bat, in 1980 we lost everything we own in a house fire. Why are we telling you this? To simply let you know that no matter what kind of fire damage you may be dealing with, big or small, we understand. We've been there! What a nightmare ~ but we sure learned a lot!


 Although our insurance company did take pretty good care of us, the fire damage repair contractors they recommended left a lot to be desired. They just seemed a bit ~ shifty. And no, we were not satisfied with their work!

All these years later, we strive to offer the best fire damage restoration services available in Metro Atlanta. Not just because that's who we are but again, because we've been there.


 If you're facing any kind of fire damage repair, from a kitchen fire or a deck fire to a total loss or anything in between. Contact us today. You'll immediately get the impression that, you bet, we do understand.

We are work with all the major Insurance Companies and we will go to bat for you whenever necessary. We know we can't replace your pictures, but we can certainly help rebuild your dreams!

 Lastly, most fire damage repair jobs we take on require expertise in all the trades. Carpentry, drywall, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring etc...

 Now is not the time to be dealing with anyone ~ Shifty! We want to be your fire damage repair contractor. So...

Choose Your Fire Damage Repair Contractor Carefully!

 Fire Damage Restoration is not the job for "Un-Insured Ed" or "Un-Licensed Al!" Again, your fire damage could have affected your electrical system, your plumbing, your heating and air etc... (Not to mention flooring, framing, drywall etc...)

 You need a fire damage repair contractor who is experienced in all phases of construction and fire restoration and if you are dealing with fire damage, now is not the time to take chances!

 Not only have we been around for over two decades, we're backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience, an A+ BBB rating and two HOUZZ service awards!

 Based in Lilburn, Ga. we professionally serve the entire metro area. So whether you're in Decatur, Atlanta, John's Creek, Marietta or any of the surrounding areas, we want to serve you.

 So, take a moment to watch our Insurance restoration video below or if your ready, contact us today and let's have a conversation about your needs and arrange for a fast, free estimate.

 We are at your service!

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