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Insurance Claim Contractors

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 Right off the bat, in 1980 we lost everything we own in a house fire. Why are we telling you this?


 To simply let you know that no matter what disaster you may be dealing with, big or small, we understand. We've been there!


 Whether it's fire damage repair and restoration, (minor to complete loss) storm damage repair and restoration, (minor to complete loss) tree damage... 


 Water damage repair (minor to major) or even major foundation repair, we understand what you're going through. (More info on these issues below)


 We also understand that you need a qualified, Licensed and Insured insurance claim contractor to work with.


 Based in Lilburn, Ga. and professionally serving John's Creek, Atlanta and the entire metro area, why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our HOUZZ service awards and our A+ BBB rating to work for you?


 Below you will find links to specific pages dedicated to the areas listed above.


Fire Damage Repair

As we mentioned above, we lost everything in a Lawrenceville house fire in 1980. What a nightmare ~ but we sure learned a lot!

All these years later, we strive to offer the best fire damage repair services available in Metro Atlanta. Not just because that's who we are but again, because we've been there.


 For more information about our fire damage repair services, simply click here ~ Fire Damage or contact us today to discuss your needs.

Storm Repair Contractors

 To say Metro Atlanta gets it's share of damaging storms would be an understatement!


 From March till October we seem to get a steady stream of bad storms and the damage they leave behind is often incredible. (Not to mention the occasional winter ice storm!)

 In fact, sometimes storm damage is so widespread, reputable storm repair contractors are simply overwhelmed and finding one is almost impossible. For more information, contact us to discuss your needs or click here. Storm Damage.

Water Damage Repair

 One of the most common insurance claim calls we get, and we get a lot of them, is water damage. Whether it's a busted pipe in a bathroom or kitchen or water intrusion in the basement etc...

 These situations can, simply put, be a mess! (As you may already know) For more information, click here Water Damage or contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange for a fast, free estimate.

Qualified Metro Atlanta Insurance Claim Contractors

 Most quality insurance restoration contractors will work directly with your insurance company with the goal of getting your life back together as soon as possible.


 Just like we've done for countless of your Metro Atlanta neighbors over the decades.


 We understand exactly how to format an estimate so that you AND your insurance company can quickly understand it. Which is exactly what they're looking for. 


 Many home repair companies simply lack the experience to, simply put, get the job done for you. 


 Whether you choose us or another insurance claim contractor to work with, just make sure to check their License, Insurance and References!


 One thing to keep in mind is that some insurance claim contractors have their headquarters out of state. If you're OK with that, that's fine but if you're looking for a trusted, local insurance repair contractor that's been around for over two decades...


 backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience and an A+ BBB rating then feel free to contact us. And just to drive the point home. Whoever you choose, check their license and insurance!

"Unlicensed Al" may claim to be an insurance restoration contractor and claim to know how to deal with your Insurance company but now is not the time to take chances! Choose an insurance repair contractor who can back up their claims!

 Feel free to watch our short insurance restoration video below or simply call or email us at your convenience to discuss your needs and our qualifications.


 We are at your service.

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