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 Right off the bat, in 1980 we lost everything we own in a house fire. Why are we telling you this?


 To simply let you know that no matter what disaster you may be dealing with, big or small, we understand. We've been there!


 Whether it's fire damage repair and restoration, (minor to complete loss) storm damage repair and restoration, (minor to complete loss) tree damage... 


 Water damage repair or even major Foundation Repair, we understand what you're going through. (More info on these issues below)


 We also understand that you need a qualified, Licensed and Insured insurance claim contractor to work with.


 Why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience and our A+ BBB Rating to work for you? 


Fire Damage Repair

As we mentioned above, we lost everything in a house fire in 1980. What a nightmare ~ but we sure learned a lot!

 Although our insurance company did take pretty good care of us, the fire damage repair contractors they recommended left a lot to be desired. They just seemed a bit ~ shifty. And no, we were not satisfied with their work!

All these years later, we strive to offer the best fire damage repair services available in Metro Atlanta. Not just because that's who we are but again, because we've been there.

 If you're facing any kind of fire damage repair, from small kitchen fires to total loss or anything in between. Contact us today. You'll immediately get the impression that, you bet, we do understand.

 We are experts at working with all the major Insurance Companies and going to bat for you whenever necessary. We know we can't replace your pictures, but we can certainly help rebuild your dreams!

 Lastly, most fire damage repair jobs we take on require expertise in all the trades. Carpentry, drywall, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring etc...

 Now is not the time to be dealing with anyone ~ Shifty! We want to be your fire damage repair contractor. Contact us today.

Storm Repair Contractors

 To say Metro Atlanta gets it's share of damaging storms would be an understatement!


 From March till October we seem to get a steady stream of bad storms and the damage they leave behind is often incredible. (Not to mention the occasional winter ice storm!)

 In fact, sometimes storm damage is so widespread, reputable storm repair contractors are simply overwhelmed and finding one is almost impossible.


 It's at these times that many home and business owners, out of sheer desperation, end up surfing Craigslist to find storm repair contractors. Please, don't ever do that!!

Storm damage restoration can be minor repairs to a total loss and everything in between. That's why you need to choose your storm repair contractor very carefully!


 When damage occurs, "Un-Licensed Al" is not the guy you want trying to put your house back together OR dealing with your Insurance company.

As with fire damage, storm damage often requires extensive knowledge of all the trades. Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, drywall and often even structural or foundation issues are involved.

 You need an experienced, licensed and insured insurance restoration contractor that is just as adept in dealing with your insurance company as he is putting your house back together!

 You've found your insurance restoration contractor! Yes, we say this a lot. Put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our A+ BBB rating and our HOUZZ Service Awards to work for you.


 If you're dealing with any kind of storm damage. Call your insurance company. Then, call a qualified insurance claim contractor!

Water Damage Repair

 One of the most common insurance claim calls we get, and we get a lot of them, is water damage. Whether it's a busted pipe in a bathroom or kitchen or water intrusion in the basement. These situations can, simply put, be a mess! (As you may already know!)

 It's not just the area near the busted pipe that faces water damage, but often, the pipe is on the second floor and water seeps through the floor and damages the sub floor and the ceiling on the floor below. (And often, the carpet or hardwoods on the floor below as well)

 If you discover a busted pipe in your home, call your insurance company IMMEDIATELY! They will refer a water remediation company to you to come dry out your home which you want done ASAP to prevent mold growth.

 After this is done, you're obviously going to need an insurance restoration contractor to put your home back together. That's where we come in! But first, a little tip for you...

 Your Insurance company might try to refer water damage repair contractors to you as well but keep in mind... Your insurance company wants to pay AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to have your home repaired!

 So the repair contractor they recommend to you will be known for getting the job done CHEAP, not necessarily done RIGHT!


 And you bet we have experience with this. Not just by being around for decades but personal experience as well!

 Folks we know, with all that life can throw at us these days, water, fire, storm or any other kind home repair situation where you have to deal with your Insurance company is not a fun thing to deal with! 


 The last thing you want to worry about is whether an insurance repair contractor is going to get your house put back together without making a mess! Let us put your mind at ease!

 Call or email us today. Let's have a chat about your situation and you'll quickly discover why so many Real Estate agents and even other contractors refer their callers and clients to us!

Tree Damage Repair

 Yes, obviously tree damage could fall under  "storm damage" which we covered above. But often, trees just fall! Saturated soil or soil that's too dry and a little puff of wind can fell the grandest of Oaks.

 So, whether it's from a bad storm, high winds or it was just that tree's time to go...


 A large tree can literally cut a home in half! Let alone all the "lesser" damages such as a destroyed deck, roof damage, siding damage etc...

 So, if you're dealing with tree damage to your house. Whether it's roof or deck damage or worse. Contact the tree damage repair experts here at Metro Renovations & More!

Qualified Metro Atlanta Insurance Claim Contractors

 Most quality insurance restoration contractors will work directly with your insurance company with the goal of getting your life back together as soon as possible. Just like we've done for countless of your Metro Atlanta neighbors over the decades.


 We understand exactly how to format an estimate so that you AND your insurance company can quickly understand it. Which is exactly what they're looking for. 


 Many home repair companies simply lack the experience to, simply put, get the job done for you. 


 Whether you choose us or another insurance claim contractor to work with, just make sure to check their License, Insurance and References!


"Unlicensed Al" may claim to be an insurance restoration contractor and claim to know how to deal with your Insurance company but now is not the time to take chances! Choose an insurance repair contractor who can back up their claims!

 Feel free to watch our short insurance restoration video below or simply call or email us at your convenience to discuss your needs and our qualifications.


 We are at your service.

 Metro Renovations & More!




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