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Atlanta Home And Business Repair 

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 To say "We know Metro Atlanta Home Repair and Business Repair" would be an understatement! (And yes, we professionally service Lilburn, John's Creek, Atlanta, Decatur, Roswell, Marietta and all surrounding areas too!)


 In fact, one of our handymen is the past President of the Atlanta Chapter of NARI! (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) However, we are not a "Handyman" company.

 Most of the Atlanta home repair or business repair calls we get are from home or business owners looking for more substantial repairs than your typical "honey do" list. 

 Usually, these jobs (examples below) are in the range of $2000.00 to $5000.00 and up. Some, in fact, are many tens of thousands of dollars depending on what they are.

 Many calls we get involve an Insurance claim. Many do not. Below is a partial list of the home and business repairs we've done countless times...

The Metro Atlanta Home & Business Repairs We Do

 Foundation Repair ~ Structural damage to a foundation can come from poor construction, soil instability, water intrusion and natural disasters.


 If you're dealing with any of these issues, repairing the foundation as quickly as possible can prevent further damage, thus further cost in the future.

 We've helped many of your Metro Atlanta neighbors who were dealing with minor to catastrophic problems with their home or businesses foundation. For more information, call us today or click here. Foundation Repair.

 Water Damage ~ Whether it's from a busted pipe, water intrusion into your basement or a major roof leak. We've repaired the damage for countless Metro Atlanta homes and businesses.

 If you're dealing with any of these issues, contact your Insurance company and click here... Insurance Restoration

 Fire damage ~ As you'll find out on our Insurance Restoration page. We understand what you're going through and we're here to help!


 From minor Kitchen fires, to deck fires caused by a grill to extensive fire damage. Put our hundreds of years of combined experience to work for you!

 Storm Damage ~ From wind or hail damage to your roof to a tree falling on your deck (or on your home or business) to major tornado damage.


 Whatever damage you're dealing with, if it's an Insurance situation, click on the link above or contact us today.

 There are MANY other home and business repairs we've made over the decades. From cars driving through garage doors or hitting a home or business to collapsing retaining walls and everything in between.

 Whatever home or business repair needs you may have, choose your Metro Atlanta home repair contractor carefully!

Hire a Licensed Atlanta Home Repair Company!

  Folks, there's no such thing as a Handyman License! The repairs we talked about are not jobs suitable for a "Handyman" anyway. 


 You need a qualified, licensed and insured home repair contractor (a General Contractor) to handle these bigger repair projects.

 But again, be careful! Even a simple internet search like "home repair Atlanta" (or where ever you may live) will show you countless home & business repair companies. But which one do you call?

 Call the one that's been around for over two decades. Call the one with an A+ BBB rating and two HOUZZ Service Awards.


 And call the one that's surrounded itself with literally hundreds of years of combined experience and the absolute best home & business repair pros in the business!

 And, call the one with the experience to deal with your Insurance company and to go to bat for you when necessary.


 Call us here at Metro Renovations & More! and let's have a conversation about your needs and we'll arrange for a fast free estimate. Whatever you're dealing with, we can help!

 We Are At Your Service;


 Metro Renovations & More!


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