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Metro Atlanta Deck Repair 

 Metro Atlanta deck repair is big business! Every spring and summer, countless home and business owners have to deal with, not only typical wear and tear but storm damage that's so common here in the south.

 That's why deck repair Atlanta is one of the most used search terms online this time of year! You bet, deck repair is big business!

 Wind damage, water damage and tree damage can be minor or catastrophic to our decks. Not to mention deck rot repair or just rehabbing an old, tired deck.

 Why did we mention "big business" twice? Because every spring and summer, your local "Chuck in a truck" becomes an instant deck repair company claiming to be a deck repair expert and swoops in to "help" often desperate home and business owners.


 It's fast money for them and often shoddy and sometimes dangerous work for the homeowner.

Choose a Deck Repair Company You Can Trust

 Based in Lilburn, Ga. and professionally serving John's Creek, Atlanta and the greater metro area, we're backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience,  an A+ BBB rating and our HOUZZ service awards...


 We probably have more Metro Atlanta deck build and deck repair projects under our collective belt than the overwhelming majority of deck companies here in Metro Atlanta! (Call us and we'll easily back up that statement!)


 We've repaired and restored countless decks with damage ranging from broken railings to rotten decking to replacing deck steps...


 To literally being sheared off the home by a massive tree and everything in between. You bet. We've seen it all and repaired it all!


 You also might need a deck repair company who's dealt with every major Insurance Company out there and are experts at communicating with them and providing estimates in formats they appreciate.

 We are also well versed in deck building codes. The last thing you want to deal with is a Code Enforcement Officer going over "Un-Licensed Al's" work with a fine tooth comb!


 Not to mention when you try to sell your home and the potential buyer has a home inspector telling them, "that deck isn't up to code" or "has serious issues!"


 Pay for the repairs AGAIN then, or have them done right the first time! Deck repair "done right" means up to code!

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Deck?

 It's impossible for a deck repair company to shoot you an accurate price over the phone when you ask "how much will it cost to repair my damaged deck?"

 However, many repairs are relatively minor and the better deck repair contractors can usually provide you a pretty good ball park estimate if you send them some decent digital pictures of your needed repairs.

 But please don't carve these types of estimates in stone! Nothing takes the place of a qualified deck repair contractor actually laying eyes on your deck, no matter how minor it may seem. And...

 A quality deck repair company can spot issues that you may be unaware of such as footer/foundation problems or your deck not properly secured to your home. (Another code violation!) 

 These issues are very common and can really come back to bite you if you ever decide to sell your home! Not to mention they may be putting your families safety at risk!

Can My Deck Be Repaired?

 Most Likely BUT not all decks CAN be repaired! We completely understand limited budgets in today's world but if your deck has serious foundation/footer/support problems...


 NO reputable deck repair company would put their name and reputation on the line by just replacing a few boards.

 It's simply not worth putting the safety of your family or friends at risk by putting lipstick on a pig! (Sorry, best way to put it!) If your deck can be repaired, we'll tell you. If it can't, we'll tell you that too.

 If, in our opinion, it can't be repaired and you can't afford to replace it, we completely understand but we'd much rather walk away from a repair job than to repair a deck that we believe to be unsafe.

 If you do decide to replace your deck, feel free to visit our "Atlanta Deck Builder" page to see what we're capable of. By the way, at the bottom of that page is a beautiful Deck video.

 In that video, you will see a deck that collapsed. It's the perfect example of why no reputable deck repair company will repair a deck that should be replaced!

 We hope you appreciate us shooting straight with you! Again, if your deck can be repaired, we'll repair it! If it can't, we'll tell you and give you the most reasonable options possible for replacing it. So...

 Whatever your deck repair needs may be. From an aging deck that's seen better days to replacing all deck boards to storm damage, tree damage, wind damage, fire damage to a complete restoration or re-build ~ We're here for you!

 Put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience to work for you? Call us today to discuss your needs and arrange for a fast, free estimate.

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!


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