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Flooring Installation Contractors

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beautiful custom tile foyer
stunning hardwood flooring with beautiful pattern
beautiful light colored hardwood floors in living room
beautiful commercial tile

 What Flooring installation needs or dreams do you have for your Metro Atlanta home or business? Whatever they may be, why not put our ICFIA Certified Flooring Installers to work for you?


 Whether it's Carpet Installation, Tile Installation, Hardwood Installation, Laminate, Vinyl, LVT Installation or even Marble Installation...


 Our Certified Flooring installers have installed Flooring in some of America's largest corporations such as...


 Sears, Marriott, JC Penny, Hyatt Regency etc... and countless other smaller businesses! Not to mention countless Metro Atlanta homes ~ just like yours!

 Below are some of the Residential and Commercial Flooring Installation services we offer in Lilburn, John's Creek, Atlanta and throughout the metro area.


Tile Installation

 Whether it's for home, business, hospital, church or a government institution. For your floors or your walls. Our Tile Installers are simply second to none!


 From new Tile Floor Installation to Tile Replacement, our Floor Installers have literally decades of experience and have installed Tile in countless Metro Atlanta homes and businesses.

 We professionally install Ceramic, Marble, Travertine, Thin Brick, Stone, Back Splashes and Shower Enclosures.

 Contact us today for a fast, free estimate on any Tile Flooring Installation need or ask us about our Financing options.

Hardwood Installation

 Few things surpass the timeless beauty of professionally installed Hardwood Floors! Whether it's Residential or Commercial... 


 Our local wood floor installers are Certified and undergo rigorous, ongoing training which is something that most floor laying companies simply can't say!

 Our Hardwood Flooring options include ~ Nail downGlue down, Laminate, Sand & Stain & Engineered.

 If you're looking to find a Flooring Contractor with a reputation of doing the job right the first time. Choose a Wood Floor installation company you can trust!

 Contact us today to schedule a fast, free estimate or to discuss our Financing options.


Carpet Installation

 If you're replacing carpet in your home or business or maybe installing new Carpet over Hardwood Floors. You need Flooring Installers who are competent, capable and yes, certified! 

 Our Carpet removal and installation pros have installed carpet in literally countless homes, businesses, churches, facilities and Government buildings all over Metro Atlanta and beyond. 


 That's why we like to say  ~ "You walk on our Flooring every day!" 

 So, if you're looking for quality home carpet installation or commercial carpet installation. We offer these options...

 Berber, Plush, Carpet Squares, Patterned, Indoor/Outdoor, Commercial Grade & Rubber Matting. But always...

Choose an Flooring Installation Company you can trust!

 As with any other Home Improvement, there are thousands of Companies out there who will Install your Floors. Some are pretty good at it!


 Our Flooring Installers are most likely the one's who've actually trained and certified these guys! (IF they're certified)


 And, since we're not big advertisers, you can get absolutely the best Flooring Installation Company Metro Atlanta has to offer for a very competitive price!

 Many companies are now requiring that anyone they hire to install flooring MUST be ICFIA Certified. Now you see why we're confident in saying ~ "You walk on our Flooring every day!"

 For any questions about your Flooring Installation needs or to schedule a fast, free estimate. Feel free to send us an e-mail or simply call us at the number below or...

 Take a moment to watch our short Flooring Installation Video below. Get some ideas, then call us any time to discuss your needs.


 We are at your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!



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