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Retaining Wall Contractors And Builders

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At Metro Renovations & More!, we have vast experience and expertise as Metro Atlanta retaining wall contractors.


 We have countless retaining walls under our collective belt that are not only functional, well-built, up to code but also... beautiful!


 We understand that retaining walls serve both practical and visual purposes, and that is why our team of professionals is committed to ensuring that every retaining wall built is sturdy, reliable, up to code and visually appealing.


 Whether you need a retaining wall for erosion control or to add that special flair to your landscaping, we can handle any project size and complexity at a very completive price! 


 Based in Lilburn, Ga. and professionally serving John's Creek, Decatur, Atlanta and the entire metro area and beyond, contact us today and let us help you build the perfect retaining wall for your home or business.

 Below, we'll discuss the most popular materials used in the construction of retaining walls and how they may or may not apply to your situation...

Types of Retaining Walls

 *Railroad (RR) tie ~  retaining walls are the most cost effective retaining wall solution for many home and business owners.


 They are are wood planks 7” tall x 9” wide x 8′ long. As the name indicates, they are used to hold the tracts of rail roads at the appropriate widths. 

  What makes Rail Road Ties good for building retaining walls is that they are treated with Creosote which is an excellent preservative thus, they can last for 20 to 30 years.

 The downside is that Creosote treated RR Ties can be poisonous to vegetable plants so we wouldn't recommend planting your garden near them. AND Palmetto (Giant Roaches!) bugs just love to nest in them!

 *Allen blocks ~ offer several advantages when building a retaining wall. Firstly, they are durable and resistant to weather and cracking.


 They are also easy to install, making the process faster and more efficient. Additionally, Allen blocks come in a variety of sizes and colors, which gives you more options to choose from and customize your retaining wall.


 Allen blocks are relatively affordable when compared to other materials like stone or concrete.

 Allen block retaining walls are a great choice for those looking for an affordable, beautiful and low-maintenance solution. They are made from durable concrete blocks that are designed to withstand heavy loads and prevent erosion.


 However, like any construction material, there are some negatives to using them.


 One of the main concerns is the potential for bowing or leaning over time, especially if the soil behind the wall is not properly compacted or if drainage is not properly addressed.

 *Note ~ Our owner's own parents in Lilburn had a beautiful, two tier, Allen block retaining wall that was leaning and in serious risk of collapsing. (Built years ago)


 We stepped in and properly re-built it up to code. It will now last for many, many more years!


 It is important to work with an experienced retaining wall contractor who can assess your site and ensure that the appropriate measures are taken to prevent these issues.

 Allen Blocks can be a beautiful choice but you certainly want a retaining wall builder who knows what their doing if you're looking to have a retaining wall built with them.

 *Wood Timbers ~ Although wood timbers are treated for decay and insects, they will eventually deteriorate over time and require replacement.


 They are also not as durable as other materials and susceptible to rot, especially if they are in contact with soil or water. (Which of course, they always are)


 Additionally, wood timbers may not be suitable for retaining walls that are over four feet in height, as they lack the structural strength needed for taller walls.


 Overall, while wood timbers remain a popular option for retaining walls of certain heights that don't need to last for many years...


 It's important to carefully consider their limitations before making a decision. Call a qualified retaining wall builder to discuss your options.

 *Masonry retaining walls have been a trusted choice for many years, (thousands actually!) and for good reason. Masonry is a durable and long-lasting material that can hold back soil and add a very attractive element to any property.


 However, masonry retaining walls can be expensive and time-consuming to construct, and they require skilled retaining wall contractors.


 We have extensive experience with masonry retaining walls and can provide the quality workmanship that your project deserves.

 *Poured concrete is a popular material choice for retaining walls construction due to its strength and durability. It is also a versatile material that can be customized to fit any design aesthetic.


 Additionally, poured concrete retaining walls are low-maintenance and can last for many years with proper care.


 However, it is important to note that poured concrete retaining walls can be more expensive than other materials, and they can be prone to cracking and other types of damage over time.

We Want to be Your Retaining Wall Builder!

 There are other materials used to build retaining walls but the one's listed above are the most popular. No matter what material you choose, (with the help of a pro retaining wall builder) expert advice and expert construction is a must!

 We've seen countless, improperly built, collapsing and collapsed retaining walls over the years. The mess and expense to clean up and re-build is unnecessary if, it's BUILT RIGHT the first time!

 If you're considering having a retaining wall built on your property, whether home or business. Why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our A+BBB rating and our HOUZZ service awards to work for you? 


 Contact us and let's have an intelligent conversation about your needs and arrange for a fast, free consultation and estimate.

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!





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