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Atlanta 203K Contractors 

 You've probably already done the online search for "203k contractors atlanta" or wherever you may be here in the metro area or "Local 203k Contractors" or even "203k contractors near me."


 And from what we hear from our callers and clients, that search isn't an easy one! 

 Although "contractors" may be as common as rainy nights in Georgia, Atlanta 203k contractors who actually understand the process are not. (Yes, we professionally service the entire Metro Atlanta area)


 Well, you've found qualified, Licensed & Insured 203k loan contractors who DO understand the process AND certified 203k renovation loan specialists all in one place! We want to be your renovation loan contractors!

Not only has our Renovation Loan Specialists "rescued" countless homeowners from lenders that were either dragging their feet or just simply couldn't get the job done. 


 But as 203k contractors, we are more than qualified to satisfy any lender or homeowners needs. Just as we've done for many of your Metro Atlanta neighbors.

What is a 203K Renovation Loan?

 A 203k renovation loan (Or other renovation loan program) allows home owners and home buyers to finance repairs, improvements or upgrades into their mortgage.

 This allows owners or buyers quick access to cash to pay for home improvements or repairs identified by a home inspector or FHA Consultant. (This is when a renovation loan contractor comes in)


 And by the way, we also work with the number one Consultant in the country (He actually wrote the guidelines for the 203K renovation loan program!) and yes, he's local too! Need a Consultant? Just let us know when you call!

 Click for more information on other renovation loan programs like the Homestyle Renovation or the VA Renovation programs.

Our Preferred 203K Renovation Process

 Folks, we've been around for decades and probably have more 203k renovation projects under our collective belt than any five or ten other contractors that you can find combined. (If you could ever find that many!)

 We've heard the horror stories about lenders who didn't know what they were doing and who would loose paperwork or emails and just make a mess of the process! Or, lenders who just couldn't get the loan closed.

 We've also heard the horror stories about contractors who SAID they were licensed and insured or SAID they were familiar with the 203k process. Only to waste weeks of the home buyer's or homeowner's time!

The 203k process can be confusing if you (Or your lender OR your Contractor) are unfamiliar or inexperienced with it. Believe us, you want to be surrounded by compitence and confidence in this process. Not confusion!

 That's why, years ago, after hearing all those horror stories, we went to work to find the absolute best, most experienced lenders and America's top consultants! These folks, simply put, know what they are doing and so do we!

 We know these lenders. We know the consultants and have worked with both on many 203k renovation projects. THAT'S how to keep everyone, lender, consultant and 203k contractor organized and on the same page for the smoothest 203k renovation project possible!

The process we certainly prefer is... If your considering a 203k renovation Loan for the repair or improvement of a Metro Atlanta home. Call us first!


 We can connect you with a fantastic, experienced lender (Or two to compare apples to apples with!) and if you need one, America's top HUD consultant! (Who actually wrote the guidelines for the 203k program!)

  If you're already working with a lender, we certainly hope you've asked them "how many 203k renovation loans have you done?" If they say "none" or "one" ~ RUN! Then call us!


 If they are an experienced lender, chances are we already know or have worked with them on other projects. Call us for your 203k contractor needs then too! Bottom line...

FHA Approved Contractor

 Folks, there are Contractors who actually call themselves "FHA approved 203k contractors!" The problem is, that simply doesn't exist!


 The FHA does NOT endorse or "approve" ANY contractor and one using that terminology is simply not being straight with you!


 ANY licensed & insured general contractor with some clout can "do" a 203k renovation project but most choose not to simply because of the amount of paperwork required and the hoops that lenders require them to jump through.

 So, if someone is using "approved" in their marketing again, is not shooting straight with you! What ELSE are they not shooting straight about? So...

Choose Your 203K Loan Contractor Carefully!

 Again, we know that finding qualified 203k loan Contractors is no easy task! We hear it all the time.


 Many general contractors CLAIM to be familiar with the process but then can't explain the difference between a Streamline 203K loan and a Consultant 203k Loan.

 203K renovations require precise paperwork and budget planning from the general contractor involved in the project.


 Not to mention the "hoops" that the contractor has to jump through to satisfy the lender's requirements.

 Many contractors simply don't have the experience, let alone the "clout" to meet these requirements. Again, we've heard over and over of the time wasting mess these guys can make of the process.

 Look for a qualified 203k contractor who's not only completed countless 203k and other renovation and remodeling projects throughout Metro Atlanta...


 But one who has the experience to work with your lender and the "clout" to satisfy your lender's requirements.

 In fact, you've found your qualified 203k contractor and if you need a 203k or other Construction Loan Specialists to answer your questions about what renovation loan program may be best for you...


 Both are a simple phone call away!

 Feel free to look around our site as much as you wish. Maybe your looking to Remodel a Kitchen or Bathroom. Finish a Basement. Add space with a Home Addition.


 Or, just use your funds for needed home repairs or upgrades. Whatever your needs or dreams may be, we want to be your 203K contractor! 


 And, if you already have a lender, great! We look forward to working with them. If not, our Renovation Loan Specialist is simply the best in the business. (People just love working with her!)


 Call us today to discuss your project and we'll quickly get the ball rolling in a professional, organized manner ~ Which is exactly what your lender is looking for!

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!



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