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Bathroom Remodel Contractors      

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Beautiful Remodeled Bathroom. We make Bathroom Remodel Dreams Come True!
stunning, extravagant remodeled bathroom
stunning traditional bathroom remodel
beautiful renovated bathroom

 Once just a simple room in our home, the bathroom for many, has become much, much more! In fact, bathroom remodeling has become one of the most popular home remodeling projects all over Metro Atlanta. Making bathroom remodel contractors very popular folks! Why?

 Are you bumping into each other at the vanity in the mornings? Maybe it's hard to actually turn around in that tiny shower?


 Do you lack the storage space to neatly organize all those things that just seem to accumulate in the bathroom? Or maybe you're just tired of that old, outdated tile or cabnetry!

 Many simply want basic yet modern upgrades or more functional space. Others are literally looking for a sanctuary. A place to truly escape from the stress and pressure of the day.


 A place to relax and unwind and simply say "Ahhh!" Steam room, spa shower or soaking tub? We've got you covered!

 As you can see, there's many reasons why bathroom remodel and renovations are some of the most popular remodeling projects today. (And, they certainly add value to your home and your way of life!) That's why local bathroom contractors are busy folks!

 We are Metro Renovations & More! and based in Lilburn, in convenient western Gwinnett County, we've been helping the bathroom remodeling dreams come true for our John's Creek, Marietta and all of Metro Atlanta neighbors for over twenty years now!

 Backed by our A+ BBB rating, literally hundreds of years of combined experience and our HOUZZ service awards, we want to be your bathroom remodel contractor! So...

 What are your bathroom remodeling needs or dreams? Full or partial remodel? Simple or elaborate? On a budget or stunning custom design? (Architectural and Bathroom Design Services available)


 Whatever they may be, if you're anywhere in the greater Metro Atlanta area, we here at Metro Renovations & More! can help make your bathroom remodel and renovation dreams come true no matter how big or small they may be!

What to do before calling a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

 There are several things to consider before calling a Bathroom Remodel Contractor.


 We can certainly help you with materials & design ideas but just a little research on your part will make your first consultation with a designer (yours or ours) or licensed bathroom contractors go quicker and smoother.


 So pull out a pen & pad and get ready for a little fun. (Of course these things depend on the extent of your project but may include...)


 * One of your bathroom's most prominate features. The sink! A simple online search for "Bathroom sink ideas" will certainly help narrow your focus or again, we can certainly help with design ideas.


 Vanities & Countertops ~ From Granite to Marble, Glass to Quartz. There are many options available to fit most any style or budget.

 * Bathroom Flooring ~ From Porcelain, Mosaic or Zellige Tile to Natural Stone, Hardwood and even Concrete. Again, poke around a bit online to narrow your focus. A great budget idea is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) which is beautiful yet durable!

 * Bathroom Cabinets ~ Custom-made Cabinets can transform any Bathroom from dull & drab to a more functional space that is well, stunning! But keep in mind, "stock" Cabinetry has come a long way over the years in quality and beauty.


 It all comes down to the size of your dreams and well honestly, your budget! Again, we can help you make the right decision.

 * Tub & Shower ~ We all remember the Bathtubs and Showers from our childhoods. Basic & simple comes to our minds. Oh how times have changed! If that's still you, no problem. We can help. If not, no problem there either. Let's have a chat about your needs or dreams!

 Of course there are other considerations such as Deco Strips, (Adding a complementing pattern or color to your shower tile) Grout color, the perfect Faucet for your sink, Shower glass & Shower pan etc...


 Again, we can help with these design considerations no matter how basic or elaborate your Bathroom remodel needs or dreams are!

Licensed Bathroom Contractors

 A quick online search will pop up dozens of local bathroom contractors. The question is, which one do you choose?


 Whoever you choose for your next bathroom remodel, make sure they're competent, qualified licensed bathroom contractors. (A Licensed General Contractor) 


 Many claim to be Licensed & Insured bathroom contractors but will quickly change the subject when you ask them to prove it.


 Or, they will ask YOU to pull the Permit. (If one is required) Which is a sure sign that they are NOT a licensed bathroom contractor! (Although some homeowners prefer to pull there own permit)


 Please beware of "Unlicensed Al" or "Uninsured Ed" as the Plumbing, Electrical and even structural parts of a Bathroom Remodeling Project can quickly overwhelm an unqualified Contractor.


 Leaving you with an expensive and potentially dangerous mess to fix! So...

Choose Your Bathroom Remodel Contractor Carefully!

 A great Bathroom remodeling contractor will be proud of his references and proud to share them with you.


 He will also be more than willing to e-mail you a copy of his contractors license AND his proof of Insurance.


 If whatever Bathroom remodel contractor you choose bauks at the idea of providing you with this information, choose another one ~ quickly!

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

 We get this question on the phone all the time. Some people actually want us to throw them a number right over the phone but that would be doing them (or you) a great dis-service!


 There are so many different factors involved that actually laying eyes on your project is the only way to give you an accurate estimation of it's cost.

 That being said, we've done small bathroom remodels needing basic upgrades for $3000.00 to $5,000.00 or so and amazing, master bath renovations with heated floors etc... etc... for $50,000.00 to $80,000 and up.


 We know that's a very wide range so let's narrow it down. Looking to renovate your Bathroom(s)? Call us! Let's have an intelligent conversation about your project and arrange for a fast, free estimate from a local, licensed bathroom contractor!

 If you'd like, take a moment to watch our short Bathroom Remodeling Video below. See what's possible then call us any time for a fast, free estimate from a qualified, Licensed and Insured Contractor.


 We are at your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!



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