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Water Damage Repair Contractors

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Busted Water Pipe in Ceiling
Flooded Room
Water From Busted Pipe

 One of the most common insurance claim calls we get, and we get a lot of them, is water damage. Whether it's a busted pipe in a bathroom or kitchen or water intrusion in the basement etc... These situations can, simply put, be a mess! (As you may already know!)


 It's not just the area near the busted pipe that faces water damage, but often, the pipe is on the second floor and water seeps through the floor and damages the sub floor and the ceiling on the floor below. (And often, the carpet or hardwoods on the floor below as well)


 If you discover a busted pipe in your home, call your insurance company IMMEDIATELY! They will refer a water remediation company to you to come dry out your home which you want done ASAP to prevent mold growth.


 After this is done, you're obviously going to need a water damage contractor to put your home back together. That's where we come in!


 We are Metro Renovations & More! and based out of Lilburn, in convenient western Gwinnett County. We've been helping our John's Creek, Atlanta and metro wide neighbors with their water damage repair needs since 2001!


 We're also backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience, an A+ BBB rating and our HOUZZ service awards!


 But first, a little tip for you...

 Your Insurance company might try to refer water damage repair contractors to you as well but keep in mind... Your insurance company wants to pay AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to have your home repaired!


 So the water damage repair contractor they recommend to you will be known for getting the job done CHEAP, not necessarily done RIGHT!

And you bet we have experience with this. Not just by being around for decades but personal experience as well!


 Folks we know, with all that life can throw at us these days, water, fire, storm or any other kind home repair situation where you have to deal with your Insurance company is not a fun thing to deal with! 


 The last thing you want to worry about is whether a water damage repair contractor is going to get your house put back together without making a mess! Let us put your mind at ease!

 Call or email us today. Let's have a chat about your situation and you'll quickly discover why so many Real Estate agents and even other contractors refer their callers and clients to us!

Choose Your Water Damage Repair Contractor Carefully!

 Based in Lilburn, Ga. we professionally serve our Metro Atlanta home and business owner neighbors throughout the metro area and beyond.


 Again, we've not only been around for over two decades but we're backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience, an A+ BBB rating and two HOUZZ service awards. We've seen it all and we take water damage repair seriously.


 From burst pipes to flooding, we are here to restore your property to its previous state and to help put your life back in order. Our water damage experts follow a detailed process to ensure that every aspect of the repair is executed flawlessly.


 We start by assessing the damage to determine the necessary repairs. We, of course share this assessment with you and will go to bat for you with your insurance company whenever possible.

 Whoever you choose to be your water damage repair contractor, be sure to ASK TO SEE a copy of their license and insurance coverage information. If they balk at this demand, choose another contractor! Or, just call us!

 Feel free to watch our short insurance repair video below or if you're ready, let's have a chat about your needs and arrange for a fast, free estimate. Call or email us at your convenience.


We are at your service!

 Metro Renovations & More!


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