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Interior Designer

Should you hire one? If so, we've got you covered!

 We can't even begin to count the number of Metro Atlanta home and businesses owners that we've visited over the years where they either had countless ideas or they were "just not sure" what they wanted to do.

 Either way, we're here to tell you. That makes it pretty darn tough for any Contractor to actually bid the job!


 We've also encountered countless examples of a home or business owner getting three or so estimates that were all over the place. Why? Simple! Each Contractor bid on drastically different projects!

 If you know pretty much exactly what you want your finished project to look like, great! Many do! Many others however, could use the help of an interior designer for a little (or a lot) of "focus."


 Someone with a trained eye to spend time with. To help you decide on colors, fixtures and the best use of space etc...

 A qualified Interior designer along with a great Architect (if necessary) are absolutely invaluable assets in getting your project off to a great start!


 Then it's much easier to simply hand your design/plans to your Contractor and say "THIS" is what we want a bid on! In fact...

An Interior Designer can SAVE you money!

 Many home and business owners seem to think that an Interior Designer and/or an Architect are unnecessary "additional expenses." When in fact, in most cases, they can actually save you money! How?...


So many times over the years, we've seen homeowners make change after change to their project right in the middle of construction.


 Often costing them THOUSANDS of extra dollars to "correct" things, not done incorrectly mind you, just things that didn't look as they expected.

 That's understandable of course but with home or business Remodeling projects, indecision and/or wrong decisions can be major budget busters!

 Here's an excellent little article on several other ways that an Interior Designer can save you money. Give it a quick read then come right back!  Want to save money? Hire an Interior Designer!

 Wasn't that great? It really drove the point home that it just might be a good idea to have an intelligent chat with a qualified Interior Designer! If you want to save money, avoid costly mistakes and increase your home's value that is!

 So, ready to have that intelligent chat? We we work with fantastic interior designers around the Metro Atlanta area. Call or email us at your convenience and will arrange that chat for you!


 When you're ready for your Contractor, you already know who to call! Us!

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!


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