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Professional Deck Builders     

Stunning small covered deck with outdoor kitchen
stunnung deck with arbor
stunning, custom built deck and scxreened porch

 *See our beautiful Video below

A beautiful, properly constructed Deck built by a professional deck builder (or Screened Porch) can be an amazing, finishing touch to one's home, business or Investment Property.


 It not only adds beauty but value and functionality as well. The key phrase here is "properly constructed!"

 Many deck builders claim to be great deck Contractors but often cut, sometimes dangerous corners to get the job done as quickly or cheaply as possible. (Oh, the code breaking nightmares we've seen!)

 Hiring an unqualified deck builder can turn out to be a costly, and sometimes dangerous mistake. Just watch the news or listen to Clark Howard. Please don't make that mistake!

Metro Atlanta's Deck Building Professionals!

 You bet, there's plenty of deck builders in Metro Atlanta but how many of them are backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience, an A+ BBB rating and two HOUZZ Service Awards?


 Based in Lilburn, Ga., and professionally servicing the entire metro area, Metro Renovations & More! is your trusted source for quality, properly built Decks!


 We've got hundreds of them under our belt from basic to WOW! But what kind of Deck are you looking for?

 Whether it's a basic, on a budget, square or rectangular Deck constructed from pressure treated pine.


 Or a stunning, multi tiered, custom creation made from exotic hardwoods or composite materials, we can build it. But first, let's try to narrow the focus a bit...


Deck Building Materials

 The first thing to consider when thinking about building a new Deck is what do you want it built out of.


 With composite decking, (Looking for Trex deck contractors? You've found one!) Aluminum decking and all the exotic woods available now-a-days such as Massaranduba, Cumaru, Red Tauari... 


 Tigerwood, Ipe, and Philippine Mahogany and other options such as Cedar, Redwood and other Composite Decking Materials... (that we'll discuss below)


 It's interesting to note that 75% or so of all new Atlanta Deck construction is still good ole pressure treated pine, (PT) which is the most cost effective choice.

 If you really want to get informed on what the best decking materials might be for you, including price and pros and cons of each...


 Here's and excellent article on Popular Mechanics titled...

"How to Choose a Deck Material That Is Right for You" ~


 Enjoy the article then come back, give us a call and let's talk about us becoming your Deck Builder!

Composite Decking

 Again, although pressure treated pine still rules the day, several composite decking options are now available.


 Will they challenge PT's dominance? Maybe. Maybe not. But, even though higher in cost, they do offer some serious advantages.


 Here's all you need to know about composite decking. It's an excellent article on This Old House called "All about Composite Decking" ~


 As we said above. Enjoy! Then come back, give us a call and let's get that Deck built!

How much does it cost to build a Deck?

 The answer to that question of course, depends on many factors such as...


 Removal of old deck, size, design, materials, built in features, railings, permits, how long you want it to last and of course, hiring one of the many deck builders in Metro Atlanta to build it!

 We get a kick out of all the local deck builders that quickly throw out numbers over the phone before even laying eyes on the project.


 As you read above, there are many factors that will determine the bottom line cost to build your deck.


 So even though throwing an "average" cost at you is tough, we'll at least try to narrow the focus on deck construction cost...

For your BASIC, pressure treated pine deck. You're looking at a minimum of $25.00 to $30.00 per/sq/ft. For a small 200 sq/ft deck, that would come to between $5000.00 and $6000.00.


 Of course, double that for 400 sq/ft and so on. And keep in mind that to demo and haul off an old deck will add to the cost.

 We routinely see small or basic Deck build projects that range from $5,000 to $6,000 up to $30,000 and up for larger or more custom designed projects.


 The cost can, of course, go up from there depending on Wood selection or use of Composite Materials or even Aluminum. You bet, there's people that spend $100,000 or more on their Decks! Most however, do not.

Quality Custom Built Decks

 The best deck builders can certainly handle your basic wood deck installation. However, what about custom wood decks? Multi level decks? Covered decks? Screened in Decks?


 Decks with outdoor kitchens? Exotic hardwood or composite decks? What about one of a kind, custom designed or unique decks?

 If you're looking for a Metro Atlanta deck builder to build a deck that will make your friends, family and neighbors say "WOW," we want to be your custom deck builder!

 There are as many home deck designs as there are homeowners and yes, we do offer deck design services. But if you're looking for something unique to you and your home, call or e-mail us today!

So, are you ready for a fast, free estimate on your Deck project or a design consultation if your dreams are a little more elaborate?


 Whatever your needs or dreams may be, we'll get the ball rolling in an organized, cost effective way!

 If you'd like, take a moment to watch our beautiful Deck Video. (Below) Get some ideas. Then call us any time for a fast, free, qualified, Licensed & Insured estimate. 


 We are at your service!

 Metro Renovations & More!



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