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Outdoor Living Space Contractors

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 Oh how lucky we are to be living in the south! The perfect climate, many months out of the year, to be enjoying your dream outdoor living space.

 And even on chilly nights, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can not only add atmosphere but simply make relaxing evenings ~ cozy.


 What outdoor living space dreams do you have? Simple or stunning, we here at Metro Renovations & More! can help make those dreams come true. You bet, we want to be your outdoor living space contractors!

 Backed by literally hundreds of years of combined experience, an A+ BBB rating and our HOUZZ service awards, we've been serving the remodeling, renovation and new construction needs of our Metro Atlanta neighbors since 2001.

 In fact, whether you're looking for an outdoor living space contractor in Lilburn, John's Creek, Roswell, Atlanta, Marietta or any of the surrounding areas. We've got you covered!

Outdoor Living Space Options

 Your outdoor living space is only limited by two things. Your budget and your imagination! Let's talk about your imagination first.

 You may already have a good idea of what you're looking for but here's a few things to consider...

  Flooring ~ You have many options to choose from. From grass, to concrete, tile, slate, wood, brick or stone. We can certainly help you choose what would work best for your yard and style.

 Ceilings ~ Although we're talking outdoor living spaces here, covering it may be an important option to you.


 Protection from rain and a blazing summer sun and with the addition of ceiling fan(s) can make your outdoor space more comfortable even in the hottest of months.

 Dining and Lounging ~ Do you plan on entertaining guests? If so, you'll need an area large enough to seat them.


 If your space will just be for small family gatherings, obviously your space needs will be less. Give this some thought before calling an outdoor living space contractor.


 Food and drink preparation ~ Modern outdoor living spaces include everything from just a grill to full cooking appliances, refrigerators and sinks. And don't forget blenders to blend up your favorite cocktails.


 Entertainment ~ Entertaining means conversations. Enhance them with good music and/or a TV! So don't forget the electronics!

 Storage ~ While entertaining guests or just the family, the last thing you want to have to do is run back and forth from your indoor kitchen to outside with your plates, glasses and utensils! 

 With integrated storage, whatever you need is right there waiting for you! After all, your outdoor living space is about relaxing. Not running a marathon!

Outdoor Living Space Benefits

 An outdoor living space or outdoor kitchen will add value to your home! While it won't be adding to the square footage of your home, in today's competitive real estate market, it will certainly set you apart from the "competition!"

 And being roughly half the price of adding a comparable space to the inside of your home. Your outdoor space will be much more "exciting" to a prospective buyer than just another indoor room!

 De-stress in comfort! We spend a lot more time indoors than previous generations. Artificial lights, computer screens and stale air do nothing but add to our stressful lives and undermine our health.

 Entire books have been written about this but the solution for many is there own outdoor oasis away from all the things that do stress us out!

 Fresh air, sunshine or star gazing at night or just enjoying the lightning bugs. These simple things add immeasurably to our health and our lives.


 For others, a "safe" place to enjoy a fine Cigar and/or a snifter of Brandy or glass of wine! How would you relax and de-stress in your oasis? 

How Much Does An Outdoor Living Space Cost?

The above question is really no different then asking "how much is a car?" There's economy cars, sports cars, luxury cars etc... And what options you want. Same with outdoor living spaces.

 Materials choice, complexity of the project, upgrades like water features, landscape lighting, an integrated TV and speakers etc... And accessibility to your back yard.

 All will play a part in your projects bottom line cost. There's only one way to know that cost and that is to arrange for a consultation and estimate. But we will say this...

 A quality constructed outdoor living space will START from $25,000 to $35,000 and larger or more elaborate spaces can be $100,000 or more. Again, limited only by your imagination and your budget. So...

Choose Outdoor Living Space Contractors You Can Trust!

 While we shared some of our qualifications above and a quick phone conversation with us will certainly let you know what separates us from our competition, we do want to share this with you as well.

There's really no such thing as "outdoor living space contractors!" That term is used online by contractors to help people find their websites.

 You're looking for a qualified, licensed and fully insured general contractor that also builds outdoor living spaces and/or outdoor kitchens. So...

 If you're considering adding an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space of any kind to your home or business, contact us. Let's have an intelligent conversation about your needs and arrange for a fast, free consultation and estimate.

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!


* While the video below is our Patio video, there are some stunning outdoor living spaces in it as well! Enjoy!

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