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203K And Other Financing Options

Whether you call it a Home Improvement Loan, Construction Loan, a Renovation Loan or a Rehab Loan. If you're anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area...


 Chances are, you're talking about a 203K Renovation Loan. (203k FHA Loan) A VA Renovation Loan or a FNMA Homestyle Loan.

What is a 203K Rehab Loan or a VA Renovation Loan?

Simply put, an FHA 203k, FNMA Homestyle or VA Renovation loan allows home buyers to finance home improvement funds into their mortgage to renovate or upgrade their home.


 With these loan options, home buyers can quickly tap into cash to pay for property repairs or improvements.

 So, whether it's basic upgrades or turning your home into your dream home. Make your home your own by taking advantage of our suite of renovation loan programs.


 Renovations can include updates on appliances, painting, kitchen and/or bathroom remodels, energy-efficient improvements, plumbing, roof repairs and much more!

Our Renovation Loan Programs Include...

FHA 203K & FHA 203K Limited

  • Repairs-structural or cosmetic allowed

  • Up to 110% of appraised value

  • Owner occupied, primary residence only

  • Up to 6 months mortgage payments rolled into loan

VA Renovation

  • 100% Financing allowed

  • No consultant required

  • Owner occupied, primary residence only

  • Maximum renovation total 35K

Homestyle® Renovation

  • Purchase or Refinance SFR, PUD, 2-4 unit and condos

  • Primary, second home or investment properties

  • Up to 6 months mortgage payments rolled into loan

 There are other loan options available to help finance your needs and dreams so call today to see how I can help you finance value-enhancing improvements or required repairs on your new or existing home.


 Call me today at the number below and be sure you mention you found us here on MetroRenovationsAndMore.Com!


 At your service;


 Nancy Ward


 Renovation Loan Expert at Cross Country Mortgage


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