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Patio Builders And Contractors

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wood beams and stone fireplace
beautiful and airy covered patio with stone fireplace and rock wall
Stunning stamped concrete patio with fire pit
small, under deck, stamped concrete patio

 Oh, the Patio. That place, usually out a back door, where we can get some fresh air. Enjoy a beautiful spring day or maybe catch some rays in the summer. And you know it's a great place for the grill or outdoor kitchen or even a hot-tub!


 Based in Lilburn, Ga., Metro Renovations & More! professionally serves John's Creek, Atlanta and the entire Metro Area and beyond. So...


 What are you needing or dreaming of for your patio or outdoor living space? Whatever it may be, anywhere in the metro area, we want to be your patio builders!


 For many, a simple concrete slab or wood deck is their idea of the perfect patio. If that's what you have in mind, great! We can get it done. On time and on budget!


 If you're dreaming of something a bit "fancier," our patio & outdoor living spaces video (below) will give you an idea of what's possible and just how stunning your new patio or outdoor living space can be.


 But first, here's a few of the materials your Metro Atlanta neighbors are choosing to have their patios constructed with...

Patio Construction Material Ideas

 When it comes to building patios in Metro Atlanta, there are a variety of materials that are commonly used. These include Concrete, Flagstone, Brick, Pavers, Natural Stone, and Stamped Concrete.


 Concrete is a versatile and cost-effective option that can be stamped or stained to mimic other materials. Flagstone is a natural stone that is durable, low-maintenance. and well, beautiful!


 Brick is a classic option that adds warmth and texture to a patio. Pavers are easy to install and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Natural stone, such as limestone or slate, offers a unique and natural look.


 Stamped concrete can mimic the look of other materials and is a popular choice for its durability and affordability. You get the idea. There's a patio building material to match any taste and any backyard!

Custom Designed Patios

 Again, simple concrete slabs or wood or composite decking are very popular patios here in the south. But some want to turn their backyards into a stunning, unique, outdoor oasis!

 Whether it's a beautiful covered patio with stacked stone supports complete with a modern, built in, outdoor kitchen and TV. (See video below!)

 Or a natural stone patio covered by an incredible Pergola with hanging plants. Or maybe you're looking for a custom built firepit not far away from a relaxing hot tub!

 Or maybe you're dreaming of all or most of the above! Whatever your outdoor patio or outdoor living space dreams may be, from basic to stunning, custom design. We're your local patio builders and covered patio builders that can bring those dreams to life!

Patio Decorating Ideas

 One of the most popular ways to decorate a Metro Atlanta patio is with plants and greenery. Incorporating lush, tropical plants into your patio space can help create an inviting atmosphere and give it a distinctly southern feel.


 Palms, ferns, and flowering plants are all great options for  Georgia patios. Another obvious addition to a southern patio is comfortable seating.


 From classic rocking chairs to plush outdoor chairs and sofas, having a comfortable seating area is essential for enjoying your outdoor space. Colorful cushions and colorful outdoor rugs can make any Patio "pop!"


Lastly, adding some lighting can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. String lights, lanterns, and candles can all be used to create a cozy ambiance on your patio.


 And yes, the inexpensive "Tiki Torches," available at every big-box store are always popular! (And can help with Mosquito control if you're not using a "bug-zapper.")

 Folks, we know these are simple, basic ideas. After all, we're patio builders not patio decorators! If you need help in the design or decoration of your Patio or outdoor living space and you don't like our ideas... 


 We work with some very talanted designers! Just let us know if you're open to having a chat with one when you get in touch to discuss your project with us!

Hire Qualified Local Patio Builders!

 OK, let's be honest. patio installation isn't rocket science. (Usually!) But have you ever seen concrete that wasn't mixed or poured properly or leveled correctly? Have you ever seen stacked stone that was improperly... stacked?


 An outdoor kitchen that was improperly wired or connected? And on and on! Please keep in mind that no matter what patio builder you choose, make sure they're qualified and up to date in proper patio construction.


 There are many local patio builders and outdoor kitchen builders out there to choose from. A simple online search for local patio builders or Atlanta patio builders will show you many of them.


 Some will make a costly mess while a few, will build the patio of your dreams!


 Steer clear of "Unlicensed Al" and "Uninsured Ed" and be sure to ASK TO SEE that License and proof of Insurance. And of course, ask for references!


 Taking these simple steps can save you a giant headache and maybe a lot of money!

We want to be your Patio Builders!

 On a budget or the sky's the limit, why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our HOUZZ Service Awards and our A+ BBB Rating to work for you on your next Patio, Outdoor Living Space or Outdoor Kitchen project ?


 Hire a qualified Patio Builder! Call us today to discuss your project or for a fast, free estimate.


 We are at your service!

 Metro Renovations & More!


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