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Metro Atlanta Screened Porch Builders                 

* See Beautiful Video below...

screened porch overlooking beautiful yard
beautiful elevated screen porch with fireplace

 Whether you call it a Screened Porch, a Screen Porch, a Screened in Porch or even a Screen Room, they are one in the same and certainly a place for family and friends.


 A place for Sunday dinners, watching the game or just hanging out on a beautiful day. (And avoiding those pesky Mosquitoes!) Great Screen Porches simply add life to our homes!


 What dreams do you have for adding a screened porch onto your home or improving the one you may have? What ever they may be...


Choose a qualified Metro Atlanta Screened Porch Builder!

 Whether you're on a budget or looking for a custom designed Screened Porch, keep in mind, a poorly constructed Screened Porch will not add value to your home!


 Choose Screened Porch Contractors with not only years of experience but the references to back up his claims. A Screen Porch Builder who is, of course, Licensed & Fully Insured.

Steer clear of "Chuck in a Truck" or "Unlicensed Al" as these guys may lack the experience properly bidding the job at hand.


 Let alone building you a quality constructed Screened Porch that you'll be proud to show off for years to come.


 Do you really want to take the chance of having an uninsured Contractor working on your home?

 Not to mention a Screened in Porch not built up to code may come back to haunt you if you ever try to sell your home.


 Home Inspectors WILL find any flaws not to mention Code Enforcement Officers! 'Nuff said!

Screened Porch Ideas

 The best Screened in Porch is the one that fits you, your family, your home and your lifestyle. There's the attached Screened in Porch.


 The detached Screened Porch. The elevated Screened Porch or a Screen Porch over a Deck. You can convert a Deck into a Screened Porch.


 The basic Screen Porch. The luxury Screened Porch. Etc... Etc... You get the idea and you bet, there are no limits!

Screen Porch Designs

 As you see above and as cliche as it might be. "If you can dream it, we can build it!" We even left out Front Porch Enclosures, Patio Room Enclosures. Again, etc... etc...

 So how do you narrow the focus a bit? Our video below features some stunning Screen Porches to inspire you. If you watch it, hopefully you'll get at least one or two WOW's out of it!

 And yes, we do offer Design and Architectural services if needed but keep in mind. Even if you're not looking for a large Screened in Porch or anything custom or "fancy." No problem! We love the smaller projects too!

 If you prefer pictures and a lot more detail, here's an excellent Web-page from the Design and Architecture site ~

OneKindesign called ~ "38 Amazingly Cozy and Relaxing Screened Porch Design Ideas."


 Now that just might come in handy for you! Enjoy, but come back because...

We want to be your Screened Porch Builder!

 From basic to stunning custom design, why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience, our A+ BBB Rating and our countless completed Screened Porch projects to work for you?


 If you'd like, take a moment and watch our short Screened Porch Video below. Get some ideas and when you're ready, call us for a fast, free estimate. We'll help make your Screened Porch Dreams come true!


 We are at your service;

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 Metro Renovation & More! professionally services the entire Metro Atlanta area and beyond.

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