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Metro Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling                        

* See Video below...

Stunning Remodeled Kitchen
Beautiful Renovated Kitchen
Stunning Renovated Kitchen

 Many consider the Kitchen to be the new Living Room. We completely agree! The Kitchen has greatly expanded in it's usefulness over the years.


 Once a simple room to prepare the family meal, it's become a gathering place for both family and friends. Making Kitchen Remodeling one of Metro Atlanta's most popular Renovation projects today.

 What are your Kitchen Remodeling needs or dreams? More space? Up-graded Cabinets or Counter-tops? Many are looking for a full or complete Kitchen Remodel. Others, just basic upgrades.


 Whatever your Kitchen Renovation dreams may be, on a budget or a Custom Kitchen Remodel, (Yes, we do offer Kitchen Design Services) please keep in mind that Kitchen Remodel Projects can often be rather complicated.


 There's Plumbing and Electrical considerations and often removing one or more, potentially load bearing walls to open up space.


 Please don't trust "Chuck in a Truck" or "Un-Licensed Al" for your next Kitchen Remodel Project! (Oh, the horror stories we've heard!)

Choose a qualified Kitchen Remodeling Contractor!

 There's no shortage of Kitchen Remodeling Companies! A simple "Kitchen Remodeling Company near me" search on the Internet will show you many to choose from.


 The trick is ~ choosing the right one! One who's not only up to the task but who welcomes you asking him to PROVE that he's up to the task!


 Any Kitchen Renovation Company worth their salt will gladly, not only provide you with their License & Insurance information but a list of References you can actually call! Call those references!


 Then you'll know you've chosen a Kitchen Renovation Contractor or General Contractor who will leave you with a completed job you can be proud of!

Average Kitchen Remodel Cost

 Contrary to all the Contractors that will actually answer the question ~ "How much does it cost to remodel a Kitchen" right over the phone, we feel that is a great dis-service to you.


 Kitchen Remodeling costs will vary as much as the variety of homes, home owners and their needs & dreams.

 Some want basic upgrades. Others want walls removed, Islands built and stunning, top of the line finishes. Most fall somewhere in between.

 However, we will say this... We've had Kitchen Remodel projects in smaller homes with basic upgrades for around $8000.00 or so. We've done much larger projects in large, custom homes for $100,000 and up.


 How much will it cost to Remodel your Kitchen? Most likely somewhere in between. ($20,000 to $50,000 is common)

 Here's how to find out for sure. If you're planning a Kitchen Renovation, call us! Let's have an intelligent conversation about your project and arrange for an accurate, fast, free estimate. Need a few ideas first?


 Take a moment to watch our beautiful Kitchen Remodeling Video then, call us at your convenience. And don't forget. We offer Architectural and Kitchen Design Services too! 


 We are at your service!

 Metro Renovations & More!


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