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Interiors By Cassandra Layne

 Cassandra Layne Beard has successfully met the comprehensive interior design and professional organizing of Atlanta home and business owners for over 20 years. She is also an avid fan of the Arts, social history, travel, food, film and American popular culture.

 Originally from Fulton, Kentucky, Cassandra attended Centre College, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in a self designed, multi-disciplinary social history major - integrating the studies of art and music history, architectural history, general European history, English literature, psychology, philosophy and religion.

 She earned an additional 5-year Bachelor of Science degree (Magna cum Laude) in Interior Design as well as Certificates in Historic Preservation and Professional Practice from the University of Cincinnati.

 Moving to Atlanta in 1993, she was employed as an Interior Designer with Beverly Hall Furniture Galleries until 1998, when she founded her own Interior Design firm.

 Among her list of clients and projects include Oglethorpe University's Lanier House (residence of the college president), private residences and executive offices of the American Cancer Society CEO and family, the Southern Regional Administrator of the FAA, Drake Beam Morin, even an African artifacts boutique, day spa and just recently, a med spa.

 In addition, she and her team have completed projects of widely diverse scale, styles, budgets and deadlines, including custom home theaters, room additions and basement renovations, designed custom fountains and consulted on exterior elements, pool and landscaping projects.

 Special services include "refresh" (using only the clients' current furnishings), holiday and special event decorating, professional organization and placement of diverse personal collections, staging for resale, window display and merchandising, as well as stage design for stage and screen.

 Feel free to visit Cassandra online or for a no obligation consultation, simply give her a call at the number below.


 Interiors By Cassanda Layne

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