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Home Addition Builders

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large home addition
large, two story home addition

  Whether you call them a House Addition, Home Addition, Room Addition, Master Bath Addition, Kitchen Addition or a Garage Conversion, they all equal adding more livable or usable space to your home.


 And for a wide variety of reasons, many people today are deciding to do just that instead of buying a new home.


 Many have growing families or aging parents (or both) or have just out grown their home. Just as many simply love their home and would rather add space to it than move.

 For others, adding on to their homes in the form of a Home Addition or even a Second Story Addition just makes sense.


 If any of these reasons fit your circumstances, you need a Home Addition Contractor that you can not only trust, but one qualified for the job at hand.


 You bet, building an addition is not a job for "Chuck in a Truck!"

Hire qualified Metro Atlanta Room Addition Contractors!

 Home room additions or room extensions (or commercial additions) can be complicated projects for countless reasons. Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Foundation Issues etc...


 It's basically the same as building a house on a smaller scale.


 "Un-licensed Al" or "Un-Insured Ed" is NOT the guy you want adding on to your home or business! So choose your home addition company carefully.


 If you're considering a home addition of any size, remember, if there's no room to build out, you can often build ~ up!


 Again, just make sure you hire a qualified, Licensed and Insured  Addition Contractor (a General Contractor) who's up to the task with the references to prove it. 


 This obviously includes Garage or Attic Conversions as well.

Garage Conversion

 Garage Conversions are becoming increasingly popular now-a-days for a variety of reasons. Number one being it's usually a very cost effective way of adding living space to one's home.

 Here is an excellent article on "The Spruce" titled ~ "Assessing Your Garage for Conversion to Living Space" ~ which will show you seven things to consider when accessing the suitability of your Garage.


 If you think this is a viable option for you to look into, contact us for a fast, free estimate.

Types of House Additions

 What's the best Home Additions? The one's that add value, not just to our homes, but to our lives! Whatever you're needing or dreaming of, we want to be your Addition Builders!


 We have many completed home addition projects under our belt for your Metro Atlanta neighbors including...

 Second Floor Additions

 Master Bedroom Additions (And other room additions)

 Master Bathroom Additions (And other bathroom additions)

 Great room Additions

 Kitchen Additions

 Family Room Additions

 Living Room Additions

 Sun room Additions

 Porch & Screened Porch Additions


 No, we haven't forgot about Sun-rooms or Bump-Outs! Here is another excellent article on "The Spruce" (We love The Spruce!) called ~


 "Types of House Additions" that showcases five different ways to add space to your home. Enjoy and yep, we'll say it again. We want to be...

Your Home Addition Contractor

 Hopefully by now, you've narrowed your focus on what your Home Addition needs may be. From smaller Bump-Outs to complete Second Story Additions and everything in between. If so...


 Why not put our literally hundreds of years of combined experience and our A+ BBB Rating to work for you? And by the way...

 Many Contractors leave finding a great Architect to put your dreams on paper up to you, the homeowner. Not us!


 We work with excellent, fair priced Architects and Designers and if you need, we can even help you with Financing your project. So...

 Call us at the number below or send us an e-mail and let's have an intelligent conversation about your needs and arrange for a fast, free estimate

 At your service;

 Metro Renovations & More!


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